Shave Like A Woman 

Smooth shave. No plastics. No toxins.

Treat Your Skin

Your skin will love you…your roseyrazor has one stainless steel blade. Coupled with your Shave Oil, you’ll experience skin that feels smoother for longer.

No Plastic

Contribute to cleaning up our world and ‘say no to plastics’. Use roseyrazor and you won’t be adding disposable plastic shavers and shaver heads to landfill.

Cost Savings

Invest in roseyrazor and you’ll never have to pay for over-priced razor heads or disposable shavers again.You’ll save $100’s over time.

Save the World… 

One Shave at a Time!

Roseyrazor is the new way of shaving for women.Clean, slick, smooth & looking good!All this while you're supporting 'no plastics'.

Made In Australia

from Australian oils 

Our Mandarin Oil is clean and cruelty-free…

 we don’t test our product on animals.

Free Shipping

On all orders over A$50 to Australia & New Zealand. All other countries are a flat A$8…we’ll absorb the rest.

We Support OneGirl

All a girl needs is an opportunity.Together we can give girls in Africa the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

60 Day Guarantee

If you’re not enjoying your roseyrazor (we highly doubt it)…just return it and we’ll send you a 100% refund.