How-to and other

stuff about roseyrazor

An irresistible shave in 5 simple steps

  • Unscrew the roseyrazor head and load the blade with dry hands. Make sure the 

    ‘comb’ side or ridges of the head of the roseyrazor is facing up.

  • Dampen your skin and prep with your Mandarin Shave Oil.

  • Don’t apply too much pressure, just let the weight of the roseyrazor glide over

    your skin. You can build the pressure over time as you get used to it.

  • Take it slow at first and use short strokes for a closer and more controlled shave.

    We can’t stress the short strokes enough…it’s the secret behind a close shave.

    As the razor doesn't have a flexible head, short strokes allow you catch all the

    different angles of your body.

  • Rinse off your roseyrazor after use, give it a quick wipe dry, and store in a dry,

     cool place. Storing your razor away from water is essential to maximizing its 


When do I 

change the blade?

Each blade lasts around 7-10 shaves depending 

on your hair type and how sharp

 you like the blade to be. Safety razor blades 

have the same 'shave life' as regular

cartridge razors to give you a general idea. 

When you can feel a slight dragging

 sensation or you're not getting as close of a shave, 

you know it's time to change.

As the blades are so small, you may like to store 

used blades in a small glass jar or tin. Once

 full (which will take years) you can take it to your 

local sharps or metal recycling centre.