Hi,I am Serah..

I am a teen entrepreneur who cares about the environment and has a knack of simplifying mundane and tedious tasks. I live in the beautiful city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia
Thank You for making the plunge to change and choose Rose Gold Safety Razor, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it! Especially as you’re helping to save the environment - one shave at a time

Why did I start roseyrazor?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that Australia throws out more than 200,000,000 disposable shavers and refill blades…yes, over 200 million. And where do they go? Landfill of course. 

 And that’s just Australia – what about the rest of the world? 

 That’s reason enough to start roseyrazor. Then there’s the fact that the razor looks fine (hehe) and really gives you a fabulous shave… and we just wanted to start a business together.

At home I have always seen my mom waxing, it is quite a messy and tedious process with a constant need to purchase waxing products. You end up using so many strips, and it adds up to environmental waste each time. Imagine the amount of waste contributed by all the people who wax, and I reckon it's quite painful too!! But with Razors, you just run the Razor along the area where you wish to remove hair, it can be done even while you are showering; It’s simple and painless Another reason why I am promoting this, is because it’s Sustainable. Did you know It's estimated that two billion plastic razors are thrown away every year, which is not helping planet Earth in any way. BUT Our metal razors and blades are reusable and recyclable; so when the blade gets blunt, you can easily take it off and put on a new one. You really only need one Rosey Razor.

Clean and cruelty-free

Always! What goes on your skin ends up in your body so I've always

 favoured clean and toxic-free ingredients. And being an animal lover and 

 doggy owner, our products will always be cruelty-free.

Giving back

I'm a big believer that business should be used as a force for good which is why we donate to OneGirl. 

 A charity based in Melbourne, Australia who funds the education of girls in Africa. It’s not OK that a girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be married before the age of 18 than she is to finish high school…and only 16% of girls ever complete high school. 

OneGirl can do something about it. Education can change everything. 

 That’s why roseyrazor supports this fabulous charity for females by females.

 I hope you’ll love your roseyrazor.